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Is investing with social impact and a stable returns something that appeals to you as an investor? Our care fund, with a sustainable return and a limited risk, is a good option for anyone wishing to invest responsibly.

Achmea Dutch Health Care Property Fund

The Achmea Dutch Health Care Property Fund invests in the most attractive growth segments within the healthcare real estate market. This includes medium-priced adaptable homes, private home care, intramural care homes and first-line and ‘line and a half’ health centres. As a participant, with this you achieve a sustainable return, both financially and socially, but at a limited risk. The Fund has a growth objective and is open for new investors.

The Fund has a core investment profile and is very restrained when using outside capital. With an average construction year of 2013, the Fund’s portfolio is extremely young. Moreover, the portfolio is highly diversified and the contracts have a lengthy duration (13 years on average). Sustainability is paramount. In 2016 and 2017, GRESB named the Fund the world’s most sustainable healthcare real estate fund.

Factsheet Q4 2022 - Achmea Dutch Health Care Property Fund

Sustainability related information - Achmea Dutch Health Care Property Fund

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Investing in healthcare real estate offers favourable prospects in the both the short and long term. Investment volume is growing rapidly, meaning the marketability of this young asset class is rapidly improving.

In the short term, we observe that care homes in particular are benefiting from the robust recovery on the residential market. This means relatively high indirect returns. In the long term, healthcare real estate is benefiting from the substantial demand for healthcare due to the rapid growth in the number of older people in the Netherlands. Reforms in in the healthcare system also play a significant part in this.

Healthcare institutions are increasingly being referred to institutional investors for financing their real estate. Besides extramural care homes, intramural care homes are also advantageous for investors, provided collaboration takes place with high-quality and financially sound care institutions. Lastly, the cure segment within healthcare real estate provides additional diversification in real estate portfolio.
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