Are you looking for stable returns, a positive value development and a high degree of inflation correlation? Retail investments add stability to a diversified portfolio. They cushion economic effects. Retail investments generate an attractive, positive return and a stable dividend. You can easily participate through our retail fund.

Achmea Dutch Retail Property Fund

The Achmea Dutch Retail Property Fund invests in core retail property with a conservative risk profile and attractive returns. The Fund strives for a multi-annual out-performance of the MSCI IDP index, which is why we employ the right mix of direct return and value development. The Fund furthermore offers space for innovation and development: retail areas of the future.

We strive for a varied portfolio, with stores consumers look to visit and where entrepreneurs can properly do business as a tenant. We add value with this, not only to the Fund’s portfolio and the participants’ returns, but also to the experience of consumers, our tenants’ companies and the attractive of the retail district/retail area.

Factsheet Q4 2022 - Achmea Duch Retail Property Fund

Sustainability related information - Achmea Dutch Retail Property Fund

Things have once again been going well for Dutch retail for a number of quarters: consumer confidence is high, and revenues are rising. At the same time, vacancy and the number of bankruptcies are decreasing. However, differences within the retail market are greater than ever. While average retailers are having a hard time, major international players and retailers in niche products are in fact flourishing. The percentage of online purchases continues to rise, and retailers with physical stores have a large share in this.

The focus of both consumers and retailers is increasingly on the core retail area of larger cities and on complete shopping centres in the district. Long-term lease perspectives are considerably better at these locations than elsewhere, and investors are following these trends in their investment policy. Initial and investment yields are increasingly disparate for each location. A continuation of these trends is expected for the next few years.

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