International Real Estate

Our studies indicate that investing in international real estate offers excellent diversification advantages. You are able to choose from various investment strategies: investing through funds, club deal/joint ventures, direct investments or a combination of these. We always tie in the selected investment form with your objectives and governance requirements.
If you wish to invest in international real estate with a high degree of risk spreading, investing in non-listed international real estate funds is an excellent solution.

You receive a proposal from us with the customised portfolio. This consists of international ‘best in class’ real estate funds, selected from our extensive database and assembled in accordance with your wishes. A balanced distribution across different countries and sectors offers protection against the volatility of the individual markets. As soon as your proposal is approved, we will select real estate funds through a transparent and structured process. We also present this selection to you. We monitor the real estate funds you invest in, and issue reports on these. You are and remain in control concerning all significant decisions and choices.
Do you want to invest in Europe? We provide the option of creating a specific, direct real estate portfolio for you. Together with our specialists, you yourself determine the desired yield/risk profile, the investment structure and the type of real estate you wish to invest in. You are fully in control: you have an influence on the investment strategy and the properties purchased and sold.

The focus within Europe in on countries providing significant contributions to an optimum yield and proper risk spreading. We have chosen these countries based on a strategic cluster analysis. We select a local partner from our network in keeping with your wishes. This partner draws up the chosen investment strategy with us, sees to implementing, building up and managing the portfolio. All of this is done under our supervision. We have built up years of experience in this, such as in Germany and France. In collaboration with a local partner, we have accumulated a residential and retail portfolio with excellent investment results.

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A highly experienced international real estate team with an excellent track record is ready to answer all your questions.

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Business Development Manager

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Director Investment Management

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