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Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance’s role

Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance (‘Syntrus Achmea’) acts as an asset manager for various clients. Syntrus Achmea buys, operates and sells real estate for these clients. As the owners of the properties, they are the controllers of personal data. When Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance operates the real estate for the client, it is the processor of your data.

Syntrus Achmea also manages various real estate funds or develops real estate. In these cases, Syntrus Achmea is the controller of your personal data.

Rental and operating activities are outsourced in many cases. The delegated developers and/or landlord(s) and/or property manager then act as a processor or subprocessor for Syntrus Achmea.

Your data in trusted hands

If you want to rent a home, retail premises, office or any other type of real estate, your personal data are required. Your data are either processed:

  • for the purpose of the tenancy agreement or lease (to be concluded)
  • because you have given consent, express or otherwise, for that purpose
  • because there is a statutory basis for it; or
  • because we have a legitimate interest.

We cannot enter into a tenancy agreement or lease with you without your personal data. It’s important to us that you know what we do with your personal data and your rights, so you can be confident that your data is in good hands with us.

Which data do we use?

Are you a potential tenant of residential property?
If you are interested in a residential property, we need your full name, address, date of birth, email address and telephone number. To let the property, we also need other details such as your payslips, bank statements, an employer’s statement, a copy of your passport (without your citizen service number and photograph) and the details of your co-tenants. Your payment details are necessary so we can automatically debit your rent.

Are you a potential business client – perhaps a commercial tenant of a property, broker, valuer or debt collection agency?
If we wish to establish a business relationship with you, we’ll need your – and/or the ultimate beneficial owners’ – full name, address, date of birth, email address and telephone number. We might also require the financial details of your company or a copy of your – and/or the ultimate beneficial owners’ – passport (without the citizen service number and photograph).

We also use cookies

Our website uses cookies. You can read what cookies are and how we deal with them in our Cookie Statement.

For which purposes do we use your data?

Are you an existing or potential tenant?
We use your data in various ways, including:

  • to enter into a tenancy agreement, lease or other agreement with you (directly or through an intermediary)
  • to comply with our duty of care: are you a suitable tenant for the property?
  • to perform the tenancy agreement or lease
  • to make payments and collect receivables, including handing over collections to third parties
  • to identify the needs and preferences of existing and potential tenants
  • to schedule or perform – or have a third party perform – maintenance
  • to hold or arrange viewings and acquisitions
  • to handle disputes, queries or investigations, including legal proceedings
  • to conduct audits in relation to housing allowance
  • to perform internal management activities
  • to liaise with external property managers that Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance hires to perform letting activities
  • to implement or apply statutory provisions
  • to conduct personal checks online
  • to record tenant contracts and the related data
  • for marketing purposes
  • to conduct tenant satisfaction surveys.

Are you an existing or potential business client – perhaps a broker, valuer or debt collection agency?
We’ll then process your personal data:

  • to work with you
  • to be able to make payments
  • to be able to contact you
  • to implement or apply statutory provisions.

Which moments of contact do we record?

We record what we agree with you and use our opportunities for contact to improve our communication. We record these moments of contact:

  • letters and emails that we send and receive from you
  • telephone calls and chats
  • what you do and view on our website
  • our contact through social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

From whom do we get your data and with whom do we share it?

You usually provide your data to us yourself, for example, if you enter into a tenancy agreement or lease, sign up for a newsletter or other marketing message.

But sometimes we receive your data in a different way. We might request your record from the Credit Registration Office (BKR). Or we might request information about you from the Land Registry, the Chamber of Commerce or the Matrimonial Property Register. As part of our duty of care and our obligations under the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (Wwft), we consult national and international sanctions lists. And we also receive information about you through public sources such as trade information agencies, public records, newspapers, the internet or social media. We don’t sell your data.

Sometimes we provide your data to, and check your data with, other companies. We may exchange data with:

  • the client as the property owner
  • commercial or other property managers to operate the property
  • plumbers, repairers, contractors, and maintenance firms to perform work in your home
  • the bank, for payment purposes
  • valuers, estate agents and legal service providers
  • collection agencies and bailiffs, for payment purposes
  • lawyers and judicial authorities in relation to payment delays or disputes
  • investigative authorities, tax authorities (domestic and foreign), financial and other regulators
  • outsourcing parties for the purpose of office automation and conducting checks under statutory provisions
  • companies for the purpose of benchmarking
  • service providers such as accountants and auditors
  • our suppliers and business associates
  • prospective tenants, to make viewing appointments
  • potential buyers, to sell property complexes
  • Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Achmea B.V.
    the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

The same privacy rules apply within the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEA includes all EU countries plus Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. If we need to transfer data to countries outside the EEA, we take great care and implement the appropriate safeguards.

How do we ensure your data is safe with us?

Our website and IT systems are well-secured. We always implement technical and organisational measures to prevent misuse of your data. Our employees have also received clear instructions on how to handle your data. We also make clear arrangements with companies that process and use data on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions.

We take extra care with sensitive data

Sensitive data include:

  • citizen service number (BSN)
  • financial and banking data
  • passport photo
  • identity numbers.

How long do we retain your data?

We retain your data for as long as we need them or as long as we are required to do so by law. We then delete or anonymise your data.
If we anonymise your data, we will remove all details referring to you. The data can then no longer be linked to you. The anonymous data helps us obtain a better picture of our risks, products and services.

Your rights

Your rights are also regulated by law. You may:

  • request your data from us
  • have your data rectified, if incorrect
  • have your data deleted
    • However, it often happens that we cannot delete your data, for example, because we still need your data, or to comply with a law.
  • object to certain uses of your data
    • For example, if you no longer wish to receive emails with offers from us. Our emails contain a link to unsubscribe but you can also call us. In other cases, clearly state why you object.
  • withdraw your consent
    • If you have given us consent to use your data, you may withdraw your consent later. We will not use your data from that point onwards.
  • transfer your data
    • You can ask for your data to be transferred to another party or to yourself.
  • temporarily stop the use of your data
    • For example, if you feel that we have no right to use your data.
  • file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Let us know if you wish to exercise your rights

Send us a letter or email enclosing a copy of your passport or ID card. Please blacken out your citizen service number (BSN) and photograph. We will respond within one month of receiving your letter.

Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance
Privacy Officer
PO Box 59347

Do you have a question, tip or complaint?

Email our Privacy Officer at You can also send a letter to:

Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance
Privacy Officer
PO Box 59347

What happens if we cannot resolve the matter together?

In that case, we’ll forward your complaint to Achmea’s Data Protection Officer. You may also always file your complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

We may amend this privacy statement

We’ll do this, for example, if something changes in laws or regulations or if we develop new products or services.

Last amended: 30/11/2022