Health Care

On behalf of our clients, we develop, acquire and manage high-quality healthcare real estate in the free sector's mid-market segment.
Good, affordable healthcare demands collaboration. For example, by investors who have long been involved and who will remain so. Or by a government that establishes clear guidelines. And by healthcare institutions that can concentrate on their core business. That starts with the right organisation of healthcare real estate. This is something that all parties ultimately benefit from.
Healthcare real estate is a problem for many healthcare institutions. Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance takes this matter off their hands. This means they can focus their attention on the provision of healthcare. Together with the institution, we look at what a good residential complex with different functions should look like. But also how a comfortable living environment can be created for residents, with quality healthcare and services.

We contribute ideas about efficient and future-proof concepts for first-line services. These concepts are designed to lower the barriers for healthcare consumers and to increase the interaction between healthcare providers. This is how cross-fertilisation can come into effect.


Annemarie Maarse

Director Asset Management

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